Dr Louis Taborda is passionate about positive changes in business, technology and society at large. Working across the program/project lifecycle, he has been at the forefront of solution development methods for over 25 years. In his diverse career he has held various roles including developer, architect, tester and project manager, as well as taking senior management roles in engineering, software, IT and service organizations. As the Chief Technologist for a leading software tools vendor, Louis was an early evangelist and coach for Agility and DevOps – before it had a name. He recently authored the definitive book on Enterprise Release Management, which extended his PhD research to address the scaling of agile delivery to complex and interdependent project portfolios. In May 2018, PMI Australia presented Louis with the Distinguished Contribution to Project Management- 2018 Award for his work to make research more relevant and meaningful to practitioners. Based out of Sydney, Louis consults internationally and continues to write, teach and develop collaborative execution techniques that apply Agile and Lean principles to streamline delivery in challenging, multi-stakeholder environments.