Daniel Nay Min Tun, Deputy Managing Director of Myanmar Carlsberg Co., Ltd. He graduated from University of Southern California (USC) with a degree in Real Estate Development and Business Finance from the United States. Ex-President and Founder of the International School Golf Association in Yangon, he helped startup International School Yangon’s golf program that has enabled golf enthusiasts to compete internationally. Ex-President and Founder of the Burmese Student’s Association (BURSA) at the University of Southern California and helped founded BURSA University of California Los Angeles, BURSA Pepperdine, and BURSA Loyola Marymount University. He established a vision to integrate incoming Burmese students abroad to one day make their way back to be the next generation of change makers in Myanmar.

His global experiences has become highly applicable in the transformative period of Myanmar towards a democratic country. He has adopted an innovative approach and encourages cooperation amongst industries to primarily use innovation as a tool to address issues, create changes and support communities’. He believes that step-change in an organization takes time and should be cooperatively mobilized. He strongly believes in the power of “Inside Out Effect’, by engaging, empowering and motivating people on an incredible journey toward peak performance and peak happiness.